You read about Drew, Wesley and Keaton of Emblem3 in our April/May issue, now hear what’s really going on in those pretty little heads!

What they were really doing on hiatus…

Drew: We all just dug deeper into the art and the philosophy of music.

Wesley: I got pretty close with all the kids from Vine and other social media stars. I became good friends with Nash Grier and Jack & Jack, and I just learned all the ins and outs of the social media world.

Keaton: I discovered the whole production world of songwriting and producing music. I actually produced the whole new EP on my own.

On the most romantic thing they’ve ever done for a girl…

D: I got a girl a coloring book once and it’s got all these gardens in it and I told her that it’s symbolic of my world and that she fills all the colors in, so it’s like she colors it and makes it come alive.

W: It’s hard to say the most romantic thing I’ve done because I always do sporadic things. One of the most romantic things was sunset, hot air balloon ride, dinner in the middle of the air over San Diego. One of the best nights… ever!

K: Songwriting is a great way to express your love for someone else. That’s definitely the best one.

Comforts from home they bring on tour…

D: My mom put a bunch of dirt and leaves in an envelope one time (lots of laughing). She put a bunch of leaves from my yard… it worked! It reminded me of home.

K: I always bring my camera on tour. I love taking photos.

W: I always bring my girlfriend… and by girlfriend I, of course, mean my guitar baby.

If not music, then…

D: Training animals in the environment

K: Working with another artist

W: I’d probably own a ranch or something and raise cattle.

Dream collaboration…

K: Britney Spears

D: Bob Marley or John Lennon

W: Ed Sheeran