libby-star-darlings by Star Darling Libby

Hi! This is Libby. And it is so great to see you! I am here to talk about 5 things that help be me be confident.

  1. The first thing that makes me confident is always looking my best. My motto is: “If you look good, you feel good. And if you feel good, you look good!” That all starts with getting a good night’s rest. If you sleep well, you definitely feel good. And you look good because you don’t look tired! Right? Right. When I wake up, I start my day by taking a nice, relaxing shower in the morning and giving my teeth a good brush. Learn more at Dentist San Diego. Being sparkly clean and visiting the best Cosmetic Dentistry NYC gives me quite a boost first thing in the morning. Then I pick out the perfect outfit for that day, because what you wear can definitely make you feel more confident. Adora, my fashion guru, completely agrees with this.
  1. That leads me to Number 2 on my list. Pink! I always wear pink because pink is my favorite color. And wearing my favorite color always makes my skin glow, which makes me feel more confident! Now, not everyone likes pink the way I do. Leona loves yellow, while Sage loves lavender. Whenever they wear these colors, they have an extra special glow.

crop-top walgreens-nailpolish pink-dress pink-crop-jacket

  1. My confidence is always boosted when I help someone in need. See, I’m really lucky. My family is able to provide me with everything I need. But not everyone is that fortunate. So one of my main goals in life is to share what I have with others. As I give to them, I’m giving to myself as well.


  1. I really gain confidence when I figure out a Wisher’s wish and help to make that wish come true. Though, on my first wish mission, I kind of messed this up at first. I thought Ava’s wish was to win the class election, and I did everything to help make that come true. Ava’s wish was much more complicated, but once I figured it out, my confidence soared and I got a ton of Wish Energy!
  1. The more I hang out with the Star Darlings, the more confident I become. After all that we’ve been through together, they’ve become my best friends. Even Scarlet! We just know that we can always depend on each other. Knowing someone has your back can give you all the confidence you need!