A clever mix of international intrigue, psychological thrills and swoonworthy cross-cultural crushes, SEE HOW THEY RUN continues Grace’s search for the truth. And here’s the Top 5 reasons we’re crushing on this series!

embassy 5


Brave, sarcastic, clumsy, adventurous . . . Grace is basically our aspirational BFF! She’s emotionally fragile after witnessing her mother’s death when she was 13, but those fears have made her willing to risk anything to protect the people she loves.


A setting where you can have one foot in the US and the other in Russia? Yes, please. And Adria’s long history of intrigue is the perfect backdrop for Grace, who keeps finding herself creeping through secret underground tunnels and historic ruins, which is, like, our all-time favorite thing.


NOAH  So much love for Noah! Half Israeli-half Brazilian, Grace’s best friend is adorable, hilarious and he grounds Grace in all the best ways. We want need a Noah.

JAMIE Big brother Jamie is now a West Point cadet. He loves Grace and sees himself as her protector so he’d drop everything to be at her side. He also happens to have super-hot friends. #bigbrothergoals

ALEXEI He may be her big brother’s best friend, but we sense major sparks here! We’re excited to find out how things progress with this stern-but-sexy Russian and his pale blue eyes and soft black hair!


Who really killed Grace’s mom? Who is the Scarred Man and why is he following Grace? What secrets in Grace’s past still need to be unlocked? Who killed the first boy Grace ever kissed? How far and how deep do these conspiracies go? Eeek! We have to know!


Seriously . . . ALLY CARTER! We LOVE her! She’s the source of so many happy hours curled up with her books. Master of intrigue, master of suspense, Ally Carter is everything.