Get the popcorn ready! Rory, Lorelai and the rest of the Stars Hollow gang are making their much anticipated comeback later this week, and we seriously can’t wait to reunite with our favorite fast talking duo. In anticipation of the Netflix revival of Gilmore Girls streaming Friday, November 25, we broke down our top five takeaways from this binge-worthy classic that continues to make us feel all the feels.


1. Rory and Lorelei give us serious #squadgoals.

The relationship between Lorelai and Rory is the stuff of dreams, not to mention the source of tons of laughter and quotable one liners. This pair’s extensive pop culture knowledge and witty banter had us hooked from Episode 1, but it’s their genuine friendship that gives us serious mother/daughter inspo. And we can’t overlook Emily Gilmore, the family matriarch who has her own seriously sassy moments. We can’t wait to see what new surprises await this fabulous trio in the Netflix reboot.


2. Never underestimate small town charm.

From Luke’s Diner to the gazebo in the square to local rock sensation Hep Alien, Stars Hollow is full of small-town gems that make us want to change our zip code. There’s never a shortage of local gossip news from Ms. Patti and Babette, and who could forget the many town festivals that keep tourists flocking to the local Dragonfly Inn? Just when you think the town may be too small, leave it to Kirk’s career disaster of the week to keep you coming back for more.


3. The junk food and coffee diet is totally acceptable.

Burgers from Luke’s, a never ending flow of takeout and boxes upon boxes of Pop Tarts are all staples at the Gilmore house. True Gilmore fans know that Rory and Lorelai keep a steady flow of junk food always at arm’s reach, despite their fit frames that never seem to suffer from their food habits. Although we’re always game for a more formal meal at the weekly Friday night dinner, it’s the junk food fueled frenzies that are perfectly suited for a girls night. And please, don’t forget the coffee.


4. We still haven’t settled the whole boyfriend debate.

The debate rages on about Rory’s ideal match, and we’re anxiously waiting to see if Rory will end up with one of the cuties from her past. Whether you’re #TeamDean, #TeamJess or #TeamLogan, we can all agree that Rory’s exes have serious crush potential. We can’t wait to find out if one of these gorgeous guys will be in her future. *swoon*


5. Rory’s reading habits feed our inner bookworm.

Rory has always been a total #girlboss in our eyes, and her love of learning and all things books gives us serious inspo to add more reading material to our Christmas lists. She isn’t afraid to take a book on a date (or to a school dance…), and her beauty and brains make her completely lovable and total bestie material. Excuse us while we go catch up on our reading…