by Sophie Schmidt


Susan Dennard, author of the Witchlands series,  is one of the most candid authors to sit with, and we had the chance to speak with her at BookCon and play a round of Five Quick Questions. Read on to find out which kingdom she belongs to and which witch she would be!

Hi Susan! First up, let’s say you’re a witch. What kind would you be?

Susan Dennard: Waterwitch! I love Avatar: The Last Airbender. I’m a marine scientist in my past life, I’m a pisces — I feel like water is my element.


Are you more like Safi or Iseult?

SD: I always say they’re like two halves of me. I have Safi’s sense of humor all the way, and I can sometimes have the mouth of a sailor like her. I can also be very quiet  like Iseult.

Which kingdom would you live in?

SD: I don’t know! I feel like I made the whole Witchlands a place that I would wanna be, or not, because it’s a bunch of chaos.

Out of the three series you have, which one would you live in?

SD: I would live in the Witchlands for sure. I’m a gamer at heart and that big sweeping fantasy world is my favorite.

Aeduan or Merik?

SD: Aeduan is fun; he’s the most fun for me to write. Merik has so much growing left to do. He’s still kind of that alpha male, crap person that I kind of hate. It really bothers me because fans are like, “I love him” and I’m like “He’s an alphahole, how can you love him?” He’s such a jerkface. He’s got a lot of growing to do. Aeduan, though, is the fan favorite.

Yes, he is!