We caught up with RED QUEEN author Victoria Aveyard to play FIVE QUICK QUESTIONS before the release of KING’S CAGE on February 7!

Your favorite red or silver ability? Jon’s “seer” ability. It’s so tragic.

Your favorite new character in King’s Cage? Iris Cygnet. But we also see a new side to Evangeline that I love.

Maven in three words? Empty, rage, longing.

Character with the most surprises? Evangeline. And Cal has one very big surprise.

Favorite literary character to write into King’s CageHermione Granger. Let’s get some brains in this rebellion!

And for the bonus round….will King’s Cage end with an explosive cliffhanger or a satisfied sigh?  (HINT, HINT – IS THERE ANOTHER BOOK?) Always a cliffhanger. One more book to go after this!