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We all know that the one little number standing between you and your dream wardrobe is actually a big deal when it comes to shopping, but there are more money-saving options than ever these days. Check out these helpful hints and don’t take “impossible” for an answer!

Thrifting: Are you coveting your best friend’s pair of designer high-waisted jeans? Your babysitting money just won’t cover the cost for that pricy trend. However, there is another alternative to fund this look… Thrifting! Thrift stores are filled with high-waisted shorts and other trends like big bulky sweaters for winter and denim shirts. Turn it into a DIY day and add studs or bleach ombre to whatever trends you find. Let the search begin!

Download the App: There are hundreds of different styling apps to help you start saving while you shop. Swirl lets you track your favorite stores and see when they are having a sale. With Catalog Spree you can shop your favorite store catalog and get access to catalogs first as well as exclusive deals. Start saving now!

Plan Ahead: Set a limit for yourself before you even walk out the door. The money from your last paycheck may be burning a hole in your pocket, but that doesn’t mean you need to spend it all in one trip. Shop cautiously; think about what you actually need versus buying everything you see.

Save: Your favorite designer just came out with a whole new line of handbags. Don’t rush out and buy one with your credit card. Save. By putting away some of your money every time you get paid, you will eventually have saved up enough for the pricy bag without having to pay off your debt later.

Sell Your Old Looks: Consignment stores everywhere are always willing to buy back some of your old clothes. Go through your closet and find things you never wear anymore, then sell them back for cash on the spot! You will be making money off your old looks to buy new ones. Fashion recycling at its finest!