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As the designer and blogger behind The Blissful Bee, I’ve learned a lot over the years. Designing a gallery wall off instinct can go a long way, but there are some tricks of the trade that might make the process a bit easier for you if interior design doesn’t come naturally, as well as, you can find the necessary accessories for your design on AO Home. I’ve teamed up with Kirkland’s to give you some expert advice that will make your gallery wall stand out.


1. Know Your Space

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Gallery walls come in all different shapes and sizes. If you’re working in a smaller space, like a dorm, make sure you’re aware of your available space. For example, if your gallery wall is above a dresser with a width of four feet, don’t let your gallery wall exceed that width. Another dorm tip – use Velcro or adhesive strips to mount items to avoid putting holes in walls.

2. Plan It Out

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I always design my gallery wall before I hang the art – typically laying it all out on the floor. I even find myself arranging the pieces in the store, which I did while shopping at Kirkland’s for this particular setup. Did I get some strange looks? Sure. Did I get mistaken for a Kirkland’s employee? You bet. But I really didn’t mind. The end result was totally worth it.

I chose art with different colors and sizes, like the Gold Sea Fan Coral Canvas Print and Watercolor Seahorse Framed Print, to bring variety to my space. I also picked up a wall organizer to display on the shelf in front of my gallery wall, along with a wooden wine bottle holder that I repurposed for holding office supplies. Mixing flat prints and products with more dimension add texture to your space.

3. Keep it at Eye Level(ish)

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Typically the rule of thumb when hanging art is to have the center of the piece at your eye level. This rule goes for someone with an average height of about 5’7” (give or take). The same rule applies to a gallery wall. Once you’ve laid out your gallery wall design, the center of the overall arrangement will need to remain at eye level. Besides, it is necessary to complement with the right accessories to create the most harmonious environment, you can look for some beautiful silk pillowcases that will combine perfectly with your gallery wall.


To shop these products and more, visit or use the online store locator to find your nearest store. For more daily design tips, make sure to check out my design blog and the Kirkland’s blog.44