by Katherine Leslie

Hailing from the great state of Oregon, WE THREE is the latest sibling band who wowed audiences with their heartfelt audition on this season of America’s Got Talent. Joshua, Bethany and Manny make up this multi-talented trio. They performed their own song, “Heaven’s Not Too Far Away,” which moved the audience and fans across America to tears, as it was a tribute to their mother who passed away to cancer. We got to chat with the band and learn more about them. So here are three (+) things to know about “We Three” as you cheer them on this season of America’s Got Talent!

Joshua on the response from fans for “Heaven’s Not So Far Away”…
“We’ve gotten messages from everywhere, from ‘You guys have done such a great job. Thanks for sharing the song.’ to ‘I lost a parent a couple days ago and this song has helped me heal.’ So the response has been just amazing. It’s just kind of validating to me for our decision to perform this song on the show.”

Manny’s hopes for the band….
“We hope to be doing this full time, because right now we are music teachers as well. We love our students and love teaching, but I think it’s a dream to be able to perform and record full time.”

Bethany on their songwriting process….
“It’s different every time; there aren’t rules. Our music is something that has evolved and changed a lot, which is something that I think is cool about songwriting—you never know how one is going to start. Usually one of us brings a song to the table—pretty fully finished with lyrics, melody and chord structure. Then we all piece it together in terms of production, arrangement and everything.”


If they could perform with anyone…
Joshua: “For me right now, I’d love to share the stage with Stevie Wonder.”
Manny: “John Mayer, I think I have to choose him. Maroon 5 is really close. Okay then, I’ll say John Mayer.”
Bethany: “I’d say Julia Michaels.”

Their description of the band in three words….
“Probably, alternative pop rock— if we have to narrow it down like that.”