3 Most Iconic Hats You’ve Seen in the Movies

A lot of movie junkies probably know a number of signature actors and actresses with their famous lines. However, it is rare for someone to name all the iconic hats that some actors have worn for their films. 

These hats are so famous that they are even reproduced and can be bought online or in some souvenir stores after the release of the film. Let’s take a look at some of these iconic hats that you should definitely check out.

Fedora Hats

The first one on our list and probably the most famous hat in the movie industry is the fedora hat that was worn in the Indiana Jones – a classic film that most of us have already probably seen. 

Through the actor’s various scenes such as car chasing and gunfights, his fedora hat was still intact and definitely contributed to bringing out his undeniable charisma. 

Another fedora hat that is well-known in the film industry is the one that was worn in A Nightmare on Elm Street, as well as the brim black fedora hat worn by Blues Brothers. 

These fedora hats are truly timeless and have flexible brims that can be snapped upwards or downwards – depending on your preference for your fashion style.

Pork Pie Hat

The second one on our list is the pork pie hat. If you are a fan of television series, it is certain that you have definitely heard or seen Breaking Bad. 

Its main character, Walter White can be seen in the series wearing the signature pork pie hat, wherein when he wears it – he becomes “Heisenberg”,  a character with an intimidating and strong personality. 

The pork pie hat is a classic and never goes out of trend. It can be described as a hat with a flat top, a low telescoped crown, and a soft brim. One of its iconic styles is having its brim all turned upwards. 

If you want to initiate a powerful and intimidating aura, the pork pie hat is definitely one of your must-haves.

Newsboy Flat Hat

The final one on our list is the newsboy flat hat or also known as the “Shelby” hat. This hat is mostly seen among the characters, especially by Thomas “Tommy” Shelby, of Peaky Blinders. 

If you are going for a classic-inspired style, the newsboy flat hat is the perfect one for you. It is characterized as a flat cap with a peak. Moreover, it has a lot of variety when it comes to patterns and colors – which you can freely choose from to suit your wardrobe.

Men’s Dress Hats

In the big movie industry that we have, there are a lot more iconic men’s dress hats, such as cowboy hats, bowler hats, top hats, and baseball caps, that you can choose from. 

In this fast-paced fashion world, it is really important to carefully choose each accessory and piece of clothing that you’ll wear. You will never know, you might be the next star in a movie that will feature an iconic hat. 

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