Let your style shine bright with fashion inspired by the Star Darlings! They’re 12 extraordinary teenage girls from the all-girls school Starling Academy. They’ve been chosen to go to Earth and grant wishes in order to save their home planet Starland from an unknown evil force.

In the Star Darlings’ book and television series, we love how each character has her own personality and how they all encourage girls to be confident, bold and proud of their hopes and dreams.

So meet a few of the characters and see how they can inspire your dreams and your fashion!



Vega is the brightest and hardest-working student at Starling Academy. She’s top of her class and a bit of a perfectionist. But Vega’s more than a studious star! When she lets go, it’s on the dance floor or playing bass guitar, where she shines. 

tobi-dressmetallic-raincoat metallic-pantyhose


Dress   Raincoat   Metallic Pantyhose   Boyfriend Jeans   Boots  Lipstick



Sage is optimistic, confident and dreams of being trained as a Wish-Granter. She dreams of being the best one Starland has ever seen!  Sometimes she says things without thinking, but if that happens, she immediately apologizes. That’s why everyone is naturally drawn into her bright, shiny orbit.


             Dress    Bomber Jacket   Boot    Hair Clips    Lipstick  Necklace



Leona shines in the spotlight so it’s no surprise that she dreams of being a pop star! She’s confident and star bright, and her light glows brightest when she sings! And she loves her wish pendant cuff!  


legging eyeshadowgold-cuff


Dress    Boots    Shorts    Leggings   Eyeshadow    Gold Cuff



Libby shines inside and out. She grew up in a wealthy family and has always gotten everything she’s asked for, but her real joy comes from helping those in need. She loves playing her keytar, and her fave accessory is her star wish pendant necklace. But her generosity is the reason she’s the front runner for student body president of Starling Academy.  

pink-dresspink-crop-jacket  heelsstar-chokeramerican-apparrel-sparkle-hosenasty-gal-face-jewelry

Dress    Crop Jacket   Heels    Star Choker    Sparkle Pantyhose     Face Jewelry



Scarlet is a confident, intense and independent star who was homeschooled before she came to Starling Academy. Sometimes Scarlet seems in another orbit to the other Star Darlings, but that’s just because she’s not warm or touchy feely. But her-wish granting potential is off the charts!

leather-jacketcrop-top walgreens-nailpolish star-mini-dressstar-necklaceblack-rocker-shoes-nasty-gal

Leather Jacket    Crop Top    Mini Dress     Shoes    Necklace   Nailpolish

Love the looks? Then read the books! 

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Good Wish Gone Bad

After defeating Rancora, the Star Darlings are looking for clues about her origin. They soon discover the wish-troubled history between Lady Stella and the evil Lady Rancora that dates back to when the two women were teens at Starling Academy. They also learn new secrets about the women’s friendship and how it relates to the negative energy crisis that almost destroyed Starland… and the danger that still threatens their way of life.
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