by Jessica Brody


We’ve all been there.

We’ve all faced our closet in the morning and thought, “Who am I going to be today?”

We’ve all posted a picture on Instagram that doesn’t feel quite like us…just to see if maybe this one will get more likes.

We’ve all tried out a different personality just to see what it feels like to be someone else.

Because in this day and age, it’s just so easy to be someone else—to slip off our true selves and try on something more exciting, something bolder, something funnier, something sexier, something sweeter, something we think the world might respond better to.

But at the end of the day, when we strip off the disguises and wipe away the makeup and shut off the lights, all we’re left with…is us.

The question is: how do we feel about that person.

In my new book, A WEEK OF MONDAYS, the main character, 16-year-old Ellie Sparks, finds herself reliving the same horrible Monday over and over and over. Essentially, she’s stuck in a time loop in which every morning she wakes up and it’s the same awful day: it’s raining outside and she takes a terrible school picture and she bombs her election speech for vice president and the queen bee of the school is trying to make her life miserable, and her super-hot, rock-star boyfriend Tristan breaks up with her.

A Weel pf Mondays by Jessica Brody

Talk about having a bad case of the Mondays!

So what does Ellie do in this predicament? Well, she completely reinvents herself (over and over again) in an attempt to keep Tristan from breaking up with her. She tries on several different versions of herself (complete with new clothes, new hair styles, sometimes even new names!) as she tries to figure out which one will finally be able to fix this broken day.

But as Ellie struggles to answer the question of “Which version of myself will Tristan fall in love with?” she accidentally stumbles upon the answer to a much more important question:

“Which version of myself will I learn to love?”

And that’s the question I think we all need to ask ourselves. Because the sooner we figure out the answer, the sooner we’ll be able to escape that endless loop of self doubt.

As Ellie navigates her way through a Week of Mondays, here are the seven different “looks” or “versions” of herself that she tries on before she finally discovers the real her.

First Monday

Second Monday

Third Monday

Fourth Monday

Fifth Monday

Sixth Monday

Seventh Monday