In case you’ve somehow missed it, the newest app in town, Pokemon Go, has taken the world by storm with its unique and interactive game play. See someone walking around seemingly aimlessly, staring at their phone a little more intently than usual? Overheard someone say that there’s a Pidgey in the stairwell? Don’t be alarmed. They’re just hunting the elusive Pokemon! We’re sharing five thoughts that go through players’ heads, as told by Disney princesses… naturally.

 Can people tell I’m playing a child’s game on my phone right now? 


Pokemon is all fun and games until you snap out of it long enough to realize that all eyes are on you as you wander around trying to catch your Zubats in peace.


Pikachu, where are you?!

Once you start Pokemon Go, the hunting never ends! You must keep your eyes peeled for the best catches at all times. Eating your meal while it’s still hot or running across the street to catch a Rattata? Choose your priorities carefully!


This is my moment. Stay right there, Duduo!

Focus is key. One wrong throw of the Pokeball would be destructive!


How is my phone already at 10%?!

Careful… Pokemon Go will drain your battery faster than you can say “gotta catch ’em all!” Cool? No. Worth it? Yes.


Are my legs seriously sore from all this walking? 

Yes, Pokemon Go encourages players to go outside and explore their city to find new Pokemon, but don’t be surprised when it turns into a mini workout! Who needs a gym, anyway? (Well… besides the PokeGym!)