Greetings, fellow wizards! Just when we thought we’d have to live out our days feeding our Harry Potter addiction with fanfic, Queen J.K. Rowling surprises us with a brand spankin’ new Harry Potter story! At midnight today, we can finally get our grabby hands on Harry Potter and the Cursed Child – Parts One & Two!  Harry’s back, but this time he’s slaving away at the Ministry of Magic with three kids at home. And because everything old is new again, now his youngest is struggling with the family legacy!

A day like this doesn’t come around very often, so how’s a Potterhead supposed to celebrate?

Harry otter and the Cursed Child

BREAK OUT YOUR COLLECTION. First off, in case you’ve been living under a rock and didn’t know, this isn’t a Harry Potter novel, it’s a play script, and the play is currently running in London’s West End. The story picks up where Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows ended, so it’s time to grab your wand and robe and round up every last bit of Potter-phernalia you’ve acquired since the day you first fell into this world by cracking open that copy of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.

GET COSTUMED UP AND GO TO THE CELEBRATION AT YOUR LOCAL BOOKSTORE. It releases at midnight on Friday, and it’s 100% guaranteed you’ll find tons of Potterheads there who share your passion.

PLAN A PARTY AT YOUR HOUSE, and buy or make some Potter-worthy treat like cauldron cakes, licorice “wands” or chocolate frogs.


GET A GROUP TOGETHER AND ACT OUT THE SCRIPT. You picked up your copy of Cursed Child at the bookstore (duh!) and already dug up your costumes, so let’s pick names for characters and share the new story with fellow Potterlovers by group reading the script!

Now we can all have a very happy Harry Potter weekend!