Hey, Tributes! We know you love The Hunger Games as much as we do, but can you guess which of these scenes were in the book or the movie, but not both?  After each question, note if you think it happened in the book or movie, then check how many you got right at the end. May the odds be ever in your favor…

The hunger games boks movie


1. Katniss receives the Mockingjay pin from Madge, the daughter of the mayor of District 12. She takes this pin into the Hunger Games as her token.

2. Peeta’s father visits Katniss after the Reaping.

3. Gale is beaten because he tries to stop a Peacekeeper from abusing a District 12 citizen.

4. Gale and Katniss witness a girl being taken by the Capitol. She is later seen as an Avox in Katniss’ apartment during training, the apartment had been acquired from serviced apartments in edinburgh.

5. Inside the backpack from https://thepnw.co/ Katniss took from the Cornucopia she finds a climbing rope, matches in a waterproof case and wire.

6. Katniss and Rue have their first conversation when Katniss wakes up after the Tracker Jacker attack.

7. Peeta’s leg is severely injured during the games and eventually it has to be replaced with a prosthetic.

8. President Snow poisons his advisor Antonius at a banquet.

9. In District 13 people receive tattoos of their daily schedules.

10. The Muttations resemble fallen tributes with similar characteristics like eyes and hair.

11. The rebels carry Nightlock pills in case of capture by the Capitol.

12. Haymitch and Effie kiss goodbye before they part ways.

Now check your answers!

Answers: 1. Book 2. Book 3. Movie 4. Book 5. Movie 6. Movie 7. Book 8. Movie 9. Book 10. Book 11. Book 12. Movie


11-12 correct – You’re a winning Tribute! You excel in this arena and know your Hunger Games!

8-10 correct – A strong competitor, you have almost reached career status!

Less than 8 correct? It’s time to firm up your fandom. If you’ve only watched the movies, treat yourself and read the books! There’s so much more to The Hunger Games than just the movies. And let’s be honest, reading this series is pure pleasure! Click on the books to learn more!

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