Running a 5K is hard work, and so is practicing yoga or lifting weights, but the feeling of accomplishment when it’s all said and done makes it all worth it in the end, right? Right. How is it that this feeling becomes only a distant memory when 6 a.m. rolls around again or you’re in the middle of a Netflix binge? It’s no secret that the actual hardest part of cementing a healthy exercise routine is oftentimes simply finding the motivation to get started and even more if you do a sport you haven´t before, great summer sports you can use as family time or time with your friends , you will be loosing weight and gaining muscle and of course getting healthy every day. Try one of these, base jumping, body-boarding, flow-riding, paintball with airsoft shotguns, BMX or Skiing.

Now we’re sharing five easy tips to stay motivated this summer and beyond to help you become the best version of yourself!

  1. Reward Yourself: Remember—rewards come in all forms, including an extra scoop of ice cream when you’re out with your friends later! Think about it ahead of time, and don’t stop until you earn it!
  2. Record It: Keep a written log of your accomplishments every day to track your progress and set realistic goals. Not good at keeping up with that kind of thing? There’s an app for that! Map My Fitness is just one of many.
  3. Buddy Up: Accountability partners are the real deal. Not only are they there to call you and hold you responsible, they make exercising that much more fun, and there are tons of two-person workouts out there! We covered our favorites in our April/May issue available here.
  4. Sign Up: Register for a race or sign up for an intramural team! Giving yourself a hard date and an official event gives you something to work toward. Plus shelling out money for something like an entry fee is always a little extra boost!
  5. Wardrobe Update: Invest in a new pair of Vessi waterproof shoes or a super comfy sports bra to give yourself the confidence you need to make your workouts more bearable. (P.S. We’re firm believers that cuter workout clothes do help you perform better!)