10 things new year

Sometimes it’s the little things in life that become the big things, and in 2017 we’re all about those mini bites of wisdom! Take a look at 10 things we’re working on this year, and try them out yourself.

1. Relax.

Don’t sweat the small stuff. Practice letting some things roll off your back this year… it will save you in the long run! Have the confidence to know that you studied as much as you could for that exam, and that something will happen with your crush when and if it’s meant to.

2. Volunteer.

Find a community organization or event to get involved with regularly. Make relationships, make a difference and make someone’s day.

3. Dress up.

Whether it’s finding an excuse to wear your favorite dress, or simply opting for your best-fitting jeans and a sweater vs. your go-to leggings and t-shirt duo, just remember that how you feel is oftentimes a reflection of how you’re dressed.

4. Stop & smell the roses.

Literally. Go outside and surround yourself with nature from time to time. Take your hiking gear or a good book, soak it all in and welcome the perspective check!

5. Say thank you.

It’s that simple. Take the time to be thankful, and don’t forget to pass along the gratitude. These two little words are a game changer!

6. Wake up early.

Resist temptation to sleep the morning away! You’ll be amazed at how much you can accomplish in one Saturday morning.

7. Get a dramatic haircut.

Let’s be honest…You’ve been coveting celeb styles and building your Pinterest inspo board for a while now. Let 2016 be your year!

8. Save your pennies.

Don’t let loose change weigh down your purse! Instead, unload it into a jar and stow it away. Spend it on something impulsive at the end of the year, or let it roll over into next year.

9. Exercise.

We’re not talking about weight-loss resolutions here. We’re talking about releasing tons of endorphins and feeling your best! Even something as small as taking a walk can make all the difference.

10. Redecorate.

Move your bed against the other wall or make some new art to hang on your walls. Nothing says “fresh start” like a fresh living space!