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Chances are you’re well aware that The Super Bowl is right around the corner, but are you ready to talk the talk? We’ve broken down this year’s game to people, places, and newsworthy topics to keep you in the conversation, so study up! Your test is coming up and we have a good feeling about it!

1. The matchup: New England Patriots v. Seattle Seahawks

2. The location: University of Phoenix stadium in Arizona

3. The time: Feb. 1 at 6:30 EST/ 5:30 EST on NBC (plenty of time for afternoon snack prep!)

4. The colors (a girl’s gotta know!): Patriots— nautical blue, white, silver, red. Seahawks— bright green, blue, silver

5. The halftime show: Katy Perry feat. Lenny Kravitz

6. The rivalry: The Seahawks won last year’s Super Bowl, and if they win this year they will the first back-to-back champs since ’05. Did we mention that team was the Patriots? And let’s not forget that the Seahawks’ coach used to coach the Patriots!

7. The record: If the Patriots win this game, they will be tied with the Cowboys and the Steelers for most Super Bowl wins!

8. The man in charge: Patriots coach = Bill Belichick, Seahawks coach = Pete Carroll

9. The big names: Patriots QB (Quarterback) = Tom Brady, Seahawks QB = Russell Wilson. If you don’t know their names now, you will by the end of this game!

10. The controversy: Seen the term #DeflateGate recently? This phrase was introduced after the Patriots, namely QB Tom Brady, were accused of using underinflated footballs in a recent game vs. the Colts which won them a spot in this year’s Super Bowl. Cue harsh critics and leading headlines!