These days there are so many incredible heroines filling the pages of our books that we might not remember where our love for strong female characters began. But who can ever forget the frizzy-haired bookworm we all love? With actress Emma Watson setting an example for young women by graduating from Brown University recently, we thought it’d be the perfect time to give ten reasons Hermione is really our spirit animal!


1. She’s Smart – Hermione is known for always having her nose in an old library book and Ron and Harry often tease her about it. But it’s thanks to that bookworm side of her that the trio gets out of a lot of sticky situations.

Hermione Granger

2. She’s not afraid to take risks – Ms. Granger is no stranger to taking risks when it comes to magic and friendships, like brewing Polyjuice Potion in the girl’s lavatory second year.

3. She is always brave – Even in the face of He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named Hermione confronts her fears head-on and isn’t afraid to ruffle any Hippogriff feathers.

4. She puts her friendships first – When push comes to shove, Hermione will always have her friends’ backs. She is the glue that holds the trio together, especially when the boys start acting like, well, boys.

5. She follows her instincts – Though she uses her head, she has no problems with trusting her instincts. She follows them even when it leads her into precarious situations like punching Malfoy!

6. She knows the importance of a big purse – A purse is a girl’s best friend, especially when it can carry your luggage, entire house, and favorite lipgloss all in a stylish crossbody. 02_emma_watson

7. She can balance romance and friendships – When the boys start to notice Hermione she never lets it go to her head and she definitely never lets it get in the way of her friendships. She finds a way to work around Ron’s stubbornness and keeps the trio together.

8. She brings some much needed Muggle-born knowledge to the table – Arthur Weasley will probably agree with us when we say that Hermione’s Muggle cred enhances the group’s collective power. She helps them hide from Death Eaters in coffee shops and teaches them the importance of dental practices.

hermionehair9. She stands up for the voiceless – While balancing boys, books and saving the world, Hermione also finds time to create SPEW (Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare). She even continues to advocate for better treatment of house-elves all throughout her career in the Ministry of Magic.

10. She rocks the frizzy hair – No matter what state Hermione’s hair is in, whether it’s curls, straight or a giant poof of frizz, she stays confident in her appearance. She never lets what’s on the outside effect how she feels on the inside.