It’s hard to believe that the fabulous Katherine McNamara’s cover girl reign is almost over, but there may be a thing or two that you still don’t know about our fierce little Shadowhunter! Take the quiz and check your results below!


0-3 Correct: Oops! Looks like your relationship with Kat is only just beginning. There’s a lot to learn about this leading lady, but you’ve come to the right place. Look around the website or grab our Dec/Jan issue for more exclusive info! And of course, get a firsthand look for yourself by tuning in to Shadowhunters Tuesdays at 9EST on Freeform.

4-7 Correct: You’ve definitely achieved friend status, and things are only looking up from here! You may not change your social media handles and pro pics to reflect all current happenings in Kat’s life, but that doesn’t mean you don’t care! You’re taking things slowly, but you’re on track to be on top of it all in no time. Up your game by reading about more of her faves in the Dec/Jan issue of Justine!

8-10 Correct: There’s no denying that you’re crazy for Kat! You’re no stranger to what makes our girl tick, and maybe it’s because you two are wired the same way. Two peas in a pod? Obviously! No one can master this much knowledge without having some kind of deeper understanding. The only way you can obtain more is by following along with Shadowhunters Tuesdays at 9EST on Freeform.