Nadji Jeter is one actor who is definitely on our radar! As a triple threat actor, dancer and musician, his experience ranges from voicing the iconic Marvel character in Disney XD’s Spider-Man to a budding music/dance career (check out YouTube Red’s Dance Camp) to being cast as one of the young stars in the hit movie WONDER. In advance of the WONDER DVD release, we sat down to chat with Nadji on his experience in the heart-warming film WONDER, his clever nickname and what’s on his radar for the rest of 2018.

Tell us about the movie WONDER:
WONDER is based on the bestselling book by R.J. Palacios and tells the story of a young boy (Auggie) with facial deformities who goes to a mainstream school for the first time and encounters some difficulties with bullies. We were able to spend time with Raquel (R.J.) on set and hear her story of a real experience which lead to her writing the book. This is a very impactful film for this generation.

What drew you to to the character Justin?
I was hooked from the second I read the script. And Justin has a similar background to me—single parent household, only child. He is a very kind young man. This was an easy role to become connected to as I have heard and witnessed my family members being bullied.

What was the vibe like on set with accomplished actors like Owen Wilson and Julia Roberts?
Lots of great, great energy. I learned alot by just sitting back and watching them take action. Owen is one of my favorite actors from childhood.
And Jacob Tremblay (Auggie), he’s amazing. He’s like a 40 year old in an 8-year-old body!

And your favorite scenes to film? Definitely the New Year’s Eve scene and the roller coaster scene.

We hear that you have a fun nickname? I used to dance back in Atlanta, GA, and was called Happy Feet from this footwork dance technique similar to the footwork style of Usher and Michael Jackson. (laughing) I haven’t thought about that nickname for about 10 years!

What’s on your radar for the rest of 2018? I will be voicing Miles Morales again in the Disney XD Spider-Man—we just got picked up for the second season. And I have my own record label called Two Records where I will be releasing music later in the year. Working out the kinks now!

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