Kick your workout up a notch with these easy moves!

Here are some great interval drills used by marathon runners. Don’t worry about measuring out distances, just use the blocks in your neighborhood or the distance between mailboxes on your street as indicators for the distance desired.

Sprints: Jog a block, sprint half a block in your neighborhood. Repeat 4 times.

Grapevine: Stepping sideways, cross one leg over the other while twisting at the waist. Repeat, crossing other leg in front. Keep arms up and elbows parallel with the floor. Continue for 30 seconds and build to 1 minute.

Straight leg raises: Start with feet together. As you jump up bring one leg straight up. Stay on the balls of your feet. Alternating legs, if you can, move down the street.

Defense squat runs: Get in a low squat position with your hands up like you are defending the goal in a basketball game and move feet fast to the right for 10 steps then go back to the left for 10 steps. Stay in the low squat and repeat for one minute.

Fast feet: Run in place as fast as your feet will go staying on the balls on the feet. Variation: do 10 steps with feet together and 10 steps with feet in a wide squat position.

Run backward: Just like it says… run backward! Just be sure to watch where you are going. Run backward for 20 steps, then forward for 20. Repeat for 2 minutes.

After your workout, do at least 10-30 minutes of cardio. Switch it up between the elliptical trainer, treadmill, rowing machine and bike to keep it interesting!

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