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We held our breath through every page of The 5th Wave, squealed when we got our hands on The Infinite Sea and our heads collectively popped off when we heard about The 5th Wave movie. Needless to say, we were just a tad thrilled to catch up with author Rick Yancey to talk about the series and what we can expect when the movie hits theaters in January 2016.

The 5th Wave Rick Yancey

Let’s start at the very beginning. What inspired The 5th Wave?
I write stories I would love to read, and my favorite kind of stories always explore life pushed to extremes, whether it’s an alien invasion or an infestation of man-eating monsters. The idea of an alien invasion is so deeply embedded in the popular consciousness, it makes for an irresistible subject to deconstruct down to what these kind of stories are really about: What does it mean to be human? What, ultimately, is the meaning of the improbable fact that we exist in this tiny, mundane corner of a very average galaxy? Or is there any meaning at all? Also, aliens!

Aliens…YES! Fans of The 5th Wave are so excited for this movie! What do you think they’ll love most?

I hope they love what I loved: seeing those iconic scenes from the book come to life. Cassie hiding under the car. The moment when she figures out Evan might not be who he seems. And the teddy bear. Every scene with the teddy bear.

The teddy bear. Heartwrenching. We know what we love most, but what do YOU love most about the series?
Thinking like an evil alien. Also, emotionally depositing everything into the characters. I love to laugh with them, cry with them and face with them those things none of us wishes to face.

Rick Yancey Choe Grace Moretz

Speaking of characters, you’ve mentioned that Chloë Grace Moretz is the perfect Cassie. Why?

She’s an experienced actress. She is intuitive, empathetic and just oozes niceness. I think her performance is extremely identifiable – there will be lots of people who will see themselves in her as she faces the impossible choices of surviving in the apocalypse. 

Being on set and seeing your words come to life must be an amazing experience. What was your biggest surprise on set?

How HUGE the production was. Seriously, there are countries with smaller armies. I also thoroughly enjoyed craft services, where all your coffee dreams really do come true.

War of the Worlds

Talking movies, what’s your favorite invasion story or movie?

War of the Worlds, which operates on more than one level, though there’s something a bit campy about it now. There’s a certain level of that in all popular takes on the premise. Probably because the idea is so unbearably terrifying.
Speaking of terror, part of the terror in The 5th Wave is never knowing who to trust. Why do you think that is so universally frightening?

Civilization itself collapses without it. It goes beyond personal danger. Trust is the foundation of human progress. Without trust, we’d still be hunter-gatherers fighting rival clans with sticks. When trust is gone, it’s a short road back to the Neolithic.
When can we look forward to book three, and can you share anything about it with us?
Readers should remember that the 5th Wave has not yet rolled out to finish what the Others started. In the last book, the final war begins. There will be betrayal. There will be terror. There will be hope. And there will be blood.


Betrayal, terror, hope and blood. Can’t wait! (Seriously.) So, in closing, would you describe The 5th Wave in three words.
Vincit qui patitur. (Who endures conquers.) 


Thanks, Rick! And to everyone who hasn’t read The 5th Wave, what are you waiting for? The book is unputdownable and the movie promises to be amazing.