The time has come to say goodbye to our reigning cover girl, Hailey Knox, and we’re definitely going to miss her quirky and lovable personality, her signature style and her seriously on-point songwriting that makes us feel like she’s our bestie already. Before her time as cover girl comes to an end, see how much you’ve learned about this up-and-coming cutie with a game of Hailey Knox trivia. The more answers you get correct, the closer you are to becoming a superfan!

1-4 correct: You have a long way to go to prove that Hailey’s your #1 girl. Surf the Justine YouTube channel to see all our Hailey coverage!

5-8 correct: You’ve been following along with our #JustineHailey coverage, but there’s definitely more for you to learn. Subscribe to Hailey’s YouTube channel and follow her on her social accounts to stay up to date on her day to day!

9-12 correct: You’re a serious Hailey Knox superfan, so there’s no doubt that you’ll be following along as she climbs her way to the top of the charts!