by Isabel Naquin, 18

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After the Woods

WHY YOU WILL LOVE After the Woods by Kim Savage

It’s a psychological thriller full of mystery & suspense.

It has a nice amount of romance to soften the mood.

There is a HUGE plot twist at the end!

RELEASE DATE: February 23, 2016

Looking for a mystery thriller that delves into the world of two teenage girls who survived a kidnapping in the woods? Then After the Woods is the book for you!

When I heard about this book the story of a kidnapping was intriguing to me. Now, having read the novel, I can say my expectations were greatly surpassed. Savage’s twists in this book will leave readers speechless and with their jaws hanging wide open.  

This novel stirs many emotions and will have readers questioning everything from beginning to end. The main premise of After the Woods is remarkably unique from other YA works. The plot revolves around Julia, a young girl who is recovering from having been abducted a year earlier. When a body is found in the same place from which Julia escaped, the case is re-opened and so is Julia’s interest in finding out the truth behind her kidnapping. The story ignites a spark within readers to search themselves and find what the ideas of bravery and sacrifice mean to them. Author Kim Savage not only does a great job at creating suspense, but also causes readers to question every action and every character. Who’s lying and who’s telling the truth? Where do loyalties lie?

After the Woods creates a dark and alluring atmosphere that draws readers in from the beginning. Julia’s mysterious kidnapping shaped much of her character, making her captivating to follow. I wanted to explore her story more. She pulled me along with her throughout this journey, as I found myself deeply invested in Julia’s world.

Savage’s debut work is compelling, beguiling, mysterious, thrilling, and will have readers hooked from page one. Do not miss this book when it comes out in February!