scott west

Zeroes is about six kids who have super powers, only they’re not the normal kind of good super powers. They are all a little bit crumpled and a little bit weird and problematic. One thing that is kind of cool about them is that they all are crowd sourced. For example, one girl can see through anyone else’s eyes in the room when she herself is blind. When she’s alone she’s blind, but with a couple of people in the room, she can start to see. In a huge crowd, she’s omniscient. There is another guy who has a sort of invisibility. If you are alone in an elevator with him, you can see him perfectly. If more people start to get into the elevator, you start to not notice him—he fades away. In a huge crowd, he’s completely invisible. All of the Zeroes’ powers rely on a crowd being there. It’s sort of like social media!

Which genre will your book fall under and what attracted you to it?
It’s sort of like comics. It’s like those superhero comics that really investigate what it would be like to have superpowers. It’s a little bit more like Misfits, Watchmen or The Boys. Those comics look at more of the darker side of having super powers and being different from everyone else.

Which one of your characters do you most closely relate to?
A guy in the book called Scam. His super power is that he can say whatever he needs to say to make someone do what he wants. It’s sort of a magic power of bulls**t. He has no special knowledge about what the person wants or how he’s getting it. He just opens his mouth and the right words come out. This also gets him into a lot of trouble. It’s sort of a monkey’s paw thing…be careful what you wish for. I kind of feel like he’s the character who is most like me because I often get into trouble by saying what I think people want to hear, or if I’m annoyed with somebody, I can sometimes say the exact crushing thing that can hurt them when that’s not what I wanted to do! I was just annoyed for a second! The power of the word is a double-edged sword.

Describe the book in three terms.
Crumpled, cool, super powers