Sadie Robertson, Duck Dynasty princess, DWTS runner-up and former Justine cover girl, has won our hearts yet again. Last month she and the fam packed up and headed down south to Guatemala to donate hundreds of pairs of boots to children in need… but they weren’t just any boots! They’re Roma Boots, and here’s what you should know about the brand:

1. Roma was founded on a “buy one, give one” philosophy, donating to children in more than 25 countries across five continents.

2. Founder Samuel Bistrian actually immigrated from Romania to the US as a refugee who experienced firsthand the need for proper shoes, due to freezing conditions and ice/sludge.

3. 10% of sales goes toward an educational initiative to help impoverished children break out of the cycle of poverty.

4. Roma means amor, amor means love, and that’s where it all starts!

5. Roma doesn’t sacrifice style. There’s truly nothing cuter than these colorful boots on children across the world, but the designs and styles (specifically Sadie’s Live Original collection) are totally adorable as well.roma






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