Live Original

Justine Magazine: You have your new Live Original Tour coming up. Tell us more about the tour!

Sadie Robertson: So whenever I started Live Original—like when I started the brand and wrote the book—I always knew that I wanted to take that bigger because I wanted that message to be across the world. I wanted to go and speak about it, and that’s what I would speak about at every event I went to. Then I got inspiration from going around and speaking at other people’s events, so I realized I wanted to do this for myself. That’s why last year in Nashville we went ahead and did the first show. We didn’t do a tour. We were just going to try it out and see what happened, and it ended up selling out. People told us how much they were changed by it, so we were like, “Okay, we have to keep doing this.” That’s where we are now!

JM: How did you choose the people to go on tour with you?

SR: If you see the people on it, it’s a pretty obvious list—Reed, Cole, Brighton, Mary Kate and John Luke—those are my people. They are my number one people. Also we have Max and Bonnie Cate (Zoghbi). They have the most incredible story ever, and they totally live original, and fit in with the family just perfectly. We also have Family Force 5 coming out. They are just so uplifting and so hilariously funny. And we have Love & The Outcome leading worship, which is going to be awesome because they don’t normally lead worship. They have their own band, but they’re also the most incredible worship leaders. I think everyone’s going to be blown away. So yeah, we have a good group coming out.

JM: What does it mean to you to “live original” at this point in your life?

SR: I think live original, what’s cool about it is that it doesn’t change. It’s always about who you were created to be. Even for me now, it’s just remembering how my life started and how I was originally created to be. It’s not about the life going on all around me. It’s about staying true to who I am.

Sadie Robertson

JM: What can fans expect when they attend the show?

SR: It’s funny because people always ask me what they’re coming to see…what is a Live Original show like? It’s hard to answer because I don’t think something like this has ever been done before or been created before, so it’s totally going to be a surprise. I think people come in expecting us just to speak, but it’s not going to be just speaking. It’s a show. It’s a show about us finding cool, unique ways to start chain reactions in the world, to just love on people and show teens that there’s a different way than partying and drinking and doing drugs. There’s another way. There’s a better way. I think just through our different scenes and songs and other things that we do, I think people are going to be able to see that. It’s going to be a really great show.

JM: You clearly have a passion for encouraging others. What does encouragement mean to you?

SR: I think that it’s so important. You know—I was speaking the other day in Arizona, and we were talking about how, if you want inspiration, then you should inspire other people. If you want to be uplifted, you need to be an uplifting person. I think with encouragement, it’s the same thing. If you need encouragement, then just by encouraging other people, that energy  feeds into your soul, too. So I think it’s so important for me to get encouragement because of how crazy my life is, but then again, it’s always important to give encouragement too because it goes both ways. To get you have to give, because if you’re not giving, who is? With everything I’ve done, I’ve always gotten encouraging texts from family. That means everything to me.


To stay up to date on the Live Original Tour, visit the tour site here!