by Spark Girl contributor, Isabel Naquin


Libby Strout has been labeled “America’s Fattest Teen” and no one can seem to put aside her weight to see who she truly is. This makes going back to school hard, especially when Libby is trying to move past her mother’s death and hoping to reclaim the parts of her life she lost while she was stuck in her bed. Jack Masselin has also been labeled, as face blind, even if no one knows it. Unable to recognize faces, even the faces of those he loves, Jack has learned the art of putting up mask after mask, hiding who he truly is. When Libby and Jack’s lives intertwine, forcing them to attend group counseling, they are both surprised to find that they have more in common than they think, and together the world isn’t so lonely.

The Scoop:

Libby and Jack are two characters who will reach out of the page and climb into your heart! Niven tells a hopeful and heartfelt story that tugs at your emotions, and makes you walk in her characters’ shoes. In this beautiful love story Libby and Jack learn together how to let go of the people and the words that hold them down, and embrace their true selves.