Most every girl has at one point wished she could wake up a totally new person, going from “drab” to “fab” overnight. Ever wonder if guys are thinking the same thing? We went to our favorite advice guru—Josh Shipp—read on for his take on reinvention, and if you want to get more advice from Josh, check out his new book or visit his website,!

After thinking about “reinventing yourself” I’ve put together some great advice, but before we get started, I need to be honest. I’m not a girl. (Don’t seem so shocked!) Now, I could attempt to be “that guy” who pretends to understand how girls think and why they do the things they do, but I won’t because… to be honest, I don’t always understand you!

However, I do think you should listen to me for two reasons:

Reason #1: The basic motivations for reinventing yourself are pretty similar whether you are a guy or a girl and since I’m a guy who has mastered the art of the reinvention, maybe my ninja-advice can help you.

Reason #2: I think my hair could totally beat up Robert Pattinson’s hair if they got into a street fight. Just sayin’…

Whenever I wanted to reinvent myself, I’ve found that it was because I was not thrilled with who I was or who I was becoming. I needed a change! But a reinvention isn’t a chance to become a different person, it’s an opportunity to become a better, truer and more authentic version of you. I’d suggest focusing on one area of you first. That will lead to other positive change in your life, because change is contagious.

I posted this question on Facebook, “How do you reinvent yourself?” I thought Stephanie had a really insightful response, “I set new goals for myself, change my appearance to reflect who I want to be (myself), and then I try to stick to my new goals and be confident in who I am and where I want to go. Yeah, I don’t know…but it works for me.”

Here are a few areas to consider when you reinvent yourself.

Your Look: I know, everyone wants to pull off the rock-star look for at least a day or two. But honestly, true change comes when you change who you are, not what you are wearing. The best thing you can do is dress for yourself. If you try to reinvent yourself by putting on some “cool” costume, then admit it, you’re just another actress.

Your Friends: You friends are your future! When you begin to reinvent yourself, surround yourself with the friends who share those same characteristics you would like to be known for. If you want to rebrand yourself as the “smart girl,” hang out with smart friends. Go to the library to study, not just to skip class. Join a book club. If you want to be known as an artist, find other artists who you can create and share your art with. Create a band with other friends who share the same passions as your newly reinvented self. Consider this as reinvention by association.

Your Relationships: If you remake yourself completely for a guy, you will regret it. Can I be any clearer? If you want to be happy, be the truest version of YOU! The best guys can always see through the masks some girls wear. When he sees that you are the real deal, he’ll respect you for that and will appreciate you for who you are, not for the fancy show you’ve been putting on. I know this is going to be tough, but remember, the hardest things in life usually end up being the best.

Remember, The most important thing is to redefine who you are as a person. The goal is not to become a different person, but to become a stronger version of yourself, closer to who you are deep inside. I know this has worked for me (even though I am a guy as previously stated) and I know it will work for you.