dream date quiz

Who’s YOUR dream guy? Take our quiz and if all goes well, you might find yourself with man candy on your arm at prom. (sigh!)

1. #TBT which picture do you post?
A) You’re triumphantly holding a trophy from your first season of Little League.
B) You’re in a bubblegum tutu, striking a perfect pose at center stage.
C) You’re playing school with your little bro, trying to teach a two-year-old to read.
D) A kindergartner with freckles and pigtails, you’re holding a straight-A report card, beaming from ear to ear.

2. Happy Birthday! As the birthday girl, you’re in charge of tonight’s menu. What’s for dinner?
A) Good ol’ surf and turf, thankyouverymuch. Why choose between steak and shrimp?!
B) Anything ethnic! You’ve always wanted to try Ethiopian food…
C) A meal made with love from your family’s recipes. Mom’s cookin’ can’t be beat!
D) Something simple but satisfying—maybe chicken with rice pilaf and steamed broccoli.

3. You’re reviewing your resume with your guidance counselor before applying for scholarships. What impresses her the most?
A) You’ve been named to the county’s Best of Preps for your athletic prowess.
B) You’ve won award after award for your extracurricular involvement. (Wow!)
C) You’ve been volunteering at a retirement home after school for years.
D) Your glowing personal recommendation letters—they’re nicer than any your guidance counselor has ever seen.

4. Your weather app predicts showers after school. How will you spend your rainy day?
A) You’re in a funk until the clouds clear. You’d been planning an afternoon at the beach!
B) It’s raining? You haven’t looked outside in hours; you’ve spent the day developing film in the art studio’s darkroom.
C) With your sibs under the neon lights of the town’s roller rink, taking shelter together from the storms.
D) Curled on the couch, binge-watching chick flick after chick flick. You’ll take any excuse for a movie marathon!

5. Mom and Dad sometimes ask about your college major. While the real world seems far away, what sounds most appealing now?
A) Industrial Organization or Marketing. You’ll definitely wear a power suit to work!
B) Anthropology or Foreign Language—something that explores other cultures.
C) Education or Social Work. You want to make a difference in people’s lives!
D) Engineering or Applied Math. You’re proud to be adorkable!

cody simpson
Mostly A’s: Cody Simpson
The reigning Prince of Pop has the pipes of a superstar—and the abs of a true athlete. Although he’s known for dethroning the Biebs, Cody felt his first brush with fame as a competitive swimmer poised for the Olympics. (He shifted gears when he received a MySpace message from a big-name producer who’d heard his songs on the site.)

ansel elgort
Mostly B’s: Ansel Elgort
A brooding artist trained in ballet and tap as well as theater, Ansel Elgort impresses with performances in The Fault in Our Stars and the Divergent trilogy. In parallel with his mainstream success, he’s also recorded electronic dance music albums that wowed the EDM world.

Mostly C’s: Liam Hemsworth
Beneath the chiseled exterior of the Hunger Games star beats a heart of gold. Known around Hollywood for his close relationship with his bros, the Aussie publicly supports the Australian Childhood Foundation, which protects vulnerable children from abuse and neglect, and speaks highly of ex-fiancée Miley Cyrus.

dylan obrien
Mostly D’s: Dylan O’Brien
The dork of our dreams, The Maze Runner’s Dylan O’Brien describes himself as shy and reserved, content to marathon shows from the comfort of his couch. (A softie at heart, Dylan reportedly worships New Girl’s Nick and Jess!)