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The Embassy Row series is packed with main characters we love to love and suspicious characters we can’t get enough of! In honor of the release of the second book in the series, SEE HOW THEY RUN, we devised this quiz to find out which main character in Embassy Row fits you best, or which one is the yin to your yang!

insta see how they run

If you’re being truly honest, your biggest flaw is that you’re…

a. Impulsive – sometimes you throw caution to the wind and jump without thinking.

b. Stubborn – you think you know best, for yourself and your friends.

c. A joker – when you’re scared or nervous your default reaction is to make a joke to try and ease the tension.

Your signature look is…

a. Tomboy – you like to be comfortable so you’re always ready for action.

b. Basic – you dress for function and always look appropriate.

c. Fun – you’re light-hearted and that’s reflected in your clothing. Seriously, you can pull anything off.

Of the following, you value what most in life?

a. Truth

b. Honor

c. Friendship

When you’re crushing on someone you tend to…

a. Be awkward! You hate it but you just can’t help yourself.

b. Be protective. You follow them to see what’s important to them and try to help make it happen.

c. Engage them with your wit! Sarcastic banter is always your go-to move.

It’s Friday night! Time to…

a. Stay home and stew over your life until one of your friends drags you out.

b. Go out with friends and make sure they’re safe. You’re the designated DD. Every time.

c. Stop by your friend’s house and drag her out to the do-not-miss party of the year – every weekend.

You’re most likely to binge watch

a. Action-and-intrigue-packed Alias

b. International relations meet intrigue in The Man from Uncle

c. Funny, quick-witted and fresh Sherlock




Laura Morano Grace blakely

Most As –  Grace Blakely

Grace is reckless and impulsive, but also fearless, brave and fiercely protective of the people she loves. As an army brat she’s traveled the world. She’s determined to find out who killed her mother and who is behind the conspiracies on Embassy Row, so her search for the truth is what drives all her actions. If you matched Grace, you’re brave, down to earth and the truth is always important to  you.

Matt bomer Alexei

Mostly Bs Alexei Volkov

Alexei is Russian and lives at the embassy in Adria. He’s best friends with Grace’s older brother, Jamie. Tall and distractingly gorgeous with black hair and piercing blue eyes, he’s also protective, self-sacrificing, brave and sometimes a little bossy. If you’re an Alexei, you’re heroic, honorable, romantic, and more than half of the people around you have a crush on you. 🙂

noah embassy row

Mostly Cs Noah Esteban

Noah Miguel Esteban is Brazilian-Israeli and Grace’s declared best friend. He sticks by her and believes in her even in her craziest moments. He became her best friend the night he woke her up in the middle of the night to take her to a summer holidays party. Noah is tall and lanky-legged with olive skin, dark brown eyes and black hair. If you’re a Noah, you’re smart, funny, everyone’s best friend and the life of the party. The whole world loves you!