Need a little extra cash in your wallet for some summer fun? Find out which summer job fits you best!

1. Which word group best fits your personality?
A) Patient, kind-hearted, adaptable
B) Leader, creative, friendly
C) Disciplined, organized, punctual

2. What time of day do you prefer?
A) The middle of the day is my favorite time.
B) I’m definitely a night owl.
C) I firmly believe that the early bird gets the worm.

3. What was the first thing you did on your Spring Break?

A) Relaxed! I let the plans come to me
B) Grabbed my friends and headed to the closest beach
C) Planned the entire week out to make the most of it

4. How do you feel about younger kids?
A) Love them! They make me feel older.
B) Ewwww
C) They’re alright – Sometimes I can handle them and sometimes I can’t.

5. Do you consider yourself spontaneous?
A) Sort of. I like to have plans but I definitely don’t mind last-minute things.
B) I’m 100% spontaneous. I like to decide what I’m doing right before.
C) Nope, nope, nope. I need a schedule and I need to know it in advance.

6. How social would you say you are?
A) I’m pretty social, but I also like my alone time.
B) I’m not really social. I like to work alone mostly.
C) I’m very social! I spend as much time with as many different people as I can.

7. Do you like being outdoors?

A) I’m more of an inside person.
B) I definitely love being outside!
C) I don’t mind it at all.

8. Tell the truth—do you even want a summer job?
A) Sort of. I’m ok with working but I cherish my summer days of relaxing.
B) Nope, but I have to earn my own spending money.
C) Yeah! I actually look forward to being productive this summer.

Mostly A’s
Try being a sitter—Sitting isn’t just about watching kids; you can also house sit or pet sit. It’s a great way to earn some cash but also have free time. You’ll get plenty of days off but also won’t be stuck at home for days on end.

Mostly B’s
Start your own summer business: landscaping, pet care, etc.—You’re a go-getter but you also cherish your summer. Starting a business of your own is a great way to control your schedule but also make some easy money. Some examples would be landscaping for your neighbors, grooming pets or creating websites.

Mostly C’s
You’d prefer something more routine—You like to know your plans in advance, so working for someone will provide you with that needed schedule. Summer job opps in this category can be in retail stores, restaurants or movie theatres. Or you could become a camp counselor or lifeguard.