A post-apocalyptic world. Population control. Conspiracy. For the characters in the upcoming movie The Thinning, this is reality. The film, starring Disney starlet Peyton List and Vine king Logan Paul, promises drama, action and intrigue for the audience, and we can’t wait to see how these two hilarious actors transition into serious roles for this thriller!

Students Laina (Peyton) and Blake (Logan) are living in a dark world where population control is determined by a high school aptitude test. The two team up to fight against the system when they learn that the test is merely a cover-up for a larger conspiracy. Some of our favorite actors collaborate in this action film, which also features Ryan Newman from The Thundermans and Calum Worthy of Austin and Ally! The plot certainly has us hooked, and we’re ready for more!

Behind the Scenes

So how did these two comedy buffs adjust to filming a high-stakes thriller?  We sat down with Peyton and Logan to get the behind-the-scenes scoop! We also learned about their favorite on-set snacks, and Logan even taught us how to make a fight scene look realistic. Check out our interview with the stars of The Thinning!

Put to the Test

Since standardized tests play such a huge role in the movie, we thought we’d put Logan and Peyton to the test with some questions of our own! What do you think think about their answers? Did they pass our exam?