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What would a Divergent set visit be without the opportunity to chat with the heroine herself, Shailene Woodley, aka Tris? After hearing nothing but good things about her from costars all day, we were finally able to understand just what they meant as her laid-back, bubbly personality came out during our convo. Here’s what she had to say…

Your character, Tris, is very determined and fearless—also known as dauntless! Would you say you identify with her?
Yes. I am an incredibly passionate human being who fully believes in fighting (compassionately) for causes that are dear to me and my soul. I don’t settle for mediocrity; if my intuitive heart yearns for something, I make sure that everything I do is in conjunction with helping that instinct manifest into a reality.

You’ve had quite the busy schedule recently, between Divergent, The Spectacular Now and The Fault in Our Stars. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I honestly haven’t had much free time, but in the few moments I do have, I make sure to nourish my soul and body. I think it is so important to decompress, to spend some time in solitude, to calm and rejuvenate your spirit. For me, that happens when I’m cooking, when I’m exercising, when I’m in the company of my close friends, when I’m reading, when I’m exploring new territories, and when I’m grounding down and connecting to Mother Earth…

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What do you like the most about Theo James as Four? When he was auditioning and now?
Um, when Theo walked in he was just like a giant… dork. Just a dork. He’s such a lovely human being. It’s really exciting to work with him, I learn a lot from him. He had an entire life outside of acting before he got interested so it’s just really refreshing to meet somebody who’s not all wrapped up in this world, especially somebody who’s playing Four.

Who is your dream costar?
Soooooo many people. Mark Ruffalo, Jessica Chastain, Melanie Laurent, Ewan McGregor, Rosemarie DeWitt, Emily Blunt, Ben Mendelsohn…and of course, it would be a dream to work with George Clooney, Miles Teller and Laura Dern again.

What was the most challenging part of filming Divergent for you?
Before Divergent, I had never done a “larger-than-life” film before, so allowing a bit of “over-exaggerated” drama to my character and the story was a bit of a challenge for me…I am definitely a naturalistic artist, meaning I respond most to grounded, truthful human emotion. Divergent is incredibly organic, but there were times when I had to learn to allow some artistic license to exist. It was wonderful exploring a new technique and style of creativity.