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We already love the beautiful, talented and poised Olivia Holt, and when she stopped by Justine recently, we fell in love with her a little bit more. We got the chance to hang out with Olivia and talk to her about her show, I Didn’t Do It,  on Disney Channel. Read on to find out why we’re so pumped about it, and to get a little insight into this fabulous starlet!

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I Didn’t Do It — The DL:
It’s Lindy (Olivia Holt) vs. fraternal twin bro Logan. Each episode begins with the end, which is always a hilariously sticky sitch, and the rest of the episode serves as an account of just what really happened between the competetive sibs. “It’s like a younger version of Friends.” Sold. Obviously Olivia’s right for the part, she admits that she watches the classic every night!

On-Screen Bro vs. Real-Life Bro:
“My brother is four years younger than me, and on the TV show we’re basically the same person except with different genders and totally opposite personalities.” Age difference or not, Olivia explains that competitiveness remains the common denominator. Unfortunately the gap does make it hard to put off the blame when, say… you’re in charge while the ‘rents are out and your pizza/Chinese food feast ends up at the mercy of your dogs! “Mom… Dad… he did it!” We would have backed you up, Olivia! Who cares that he’s in bed and you’re in the middle of the chaos?

Get to Know Lindy:
Unlike Kickin’ It‘s ultra-confident Kim, Lindy is “the shy, quirky one” who is using her unusual high school experience to “kind of blossom.” Not to mention she has killer fashion sense that Olivia loves, describing it as “not over the top, but not very underdressed”— the perfect counterpart to Lindy’s intelligence, which Olivia also strives for… “not only with what’s going on in the world, but also helping others and giving them advice.”

10-Year Reunion:
Olivia hopes in a decade we can find her still in LA (the love affair is real) making feature films and working on her music. “I’d like to have three or four albums out there. I really love working on music and hopefully that will succeed the way I want it to.” And, of course, she sees herself traveling. Where? To see the Titanic! “I know it sounds crazy… but I just have a weird quirk with it and I just want (to see) something no one else has seen.”

Free Day!:
You can find this girl livin’ it up at a theme park, for starters. “I love roller coasters. They do not stress me out… I get on them and I feel so carefree!” Next comes frozen yogurt and a dip in the pool back at home. Olivia tells us she’d wrap things up curled up on the couch with a movie!