If you’re looking for something to do this weekend by yourself or with your friends, here it is! Our interns worked up a few of the latest polish trends for you and included their own how-to tips. No matter which one you try, you’re sure to nail your next look!

Pyramid Point

Things you’ll need: one light polish and one darker polish (We chose turquoise and dark blue.)


1. Apply two coats of the lighter polish to all nails and allow to dry after each coat.


2. Using the darker polish, create two long strokes from the bottom corners of the nail to the center tip, leaving a triangle of the lighter shade in the middle. (Tip: make sure the darker polish is dark enough that you can tell the difference between the polishes.)


3. Fill in outer areas of the triangle with darker polish. Apply to all nails and allow to dry.

4. Apply a second coat of darker polish, carefully preserving the straight lines of the triangle. Stand back and admire your fancy fingers!

Negative Space

Things you’ll need: two shades of nail polish and tape


1. With scissors, cut ten pieces of masking tape. Each piece should be slightly longer than the width of your nail and whatever width you want your middle line to be.

2. Apply a base coat of the color you want the middle to be and allow to dry.


3. Place tape in the middle of your nail.


4. Carefully paint the top and bottom of the nail in your second color. (Tip: try to make it a thin layer of paint.)


5. Let the paint dry a little but not all the way, then remove the tape. Voila!

Nails inspired by Nails, Nails, Nails! 25 Creative DIY Nail Art Projects.