Twin teen entrepreneurs Sofia and Isabella Mandich are shaking up the music world with their new app, Synchronicity, the latest in music-sharing apps for Apple Music. Synchronicity lets you compare music libraries with your friends, create shared playlists, discover overlapping music tastes and so much more.

So how did two teenagers create an innovative music app at such a young age? For Sofia and Isabella, it’s all in the family. Their uncle created the wildly popular game, Doodle Jump, and these twin tech geniuses were inspired to create an app to reflect their own personal interests. They’ve created three–yes, three–apps so far, with their first, Wild Ski, launching when they were just 10 years old. Now 15 years old, these twins are showing no signs of stopping. They’ve even been recognized as scholarship winners at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, a seriously buzzworthy honor in the tech world. 

Get to know Sofia and Isabella Mandich in our interview with them above, and don’t miss their top tips for creating your own app and their favorite coding resources below!


Sofia and Isabella’s Tips for Creating Your Own App:
  1. Look for ideas in the areas that you are passionate about or you know well. Identify possible issues that your app may help solve for people.
  2. Figure out the actual flow of the app from screen to screen, button to button. You can even sketch this on a piece of paper or use apps such as Marvel to build your simple prototype. Then ask as many people as you can to look at your prototype and give their feedback.
  3. From that rough outline, you will see how much you will need to design and to code.
  4. Not everyone can do everything, so talk to your friends and family and see if they are able and willing to work on different aspects of your app.
  5. Keep testing with friends and family, and if possible, people that you don’t know to get different sources of feedback.
  6. Your first version of the app should be what people call “minimum viable product” or MVP. It doesn’t have to be perfect; once your app has released and people are using it, then you should keep tweaking it based on users’ comments.
  7. For iOS apps, you will need to register with Apple as a developer and get an account so you can publish your app. If you are a minor, you will need a parent to sign up on your behalf!
  8. Once you have an app ready for release, it is important to think of creative ways to let people know that it is out there. Start by creating social media accounts and ask your friends and family to spread the word!


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