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We recently introduced you to 15-year-old Jacquie Lee as one of our “Ones to Watch” in the new year, but there’s more to learn! See what this vocal powerhouse has been up to lately (including a newly released EP, Broken Ones) and how she stays sane through it all!

Tell us a little about your EP Broken Ones and what we can expect as far as the sound and the message.
Obviously, I am biased because I created it (laughs) but honestly I can say that the music on it is very original and raw and emotional. Every song has a real message behind it that anyone can relate to.

Who are your musical influences? And if you had to pick one artist who you would most like to collaborate with, who would it be?
Some influences would be The Stones, Zeppelin… I love Aretha Franklin and Etta James… Nina Simone. And then if I were to collaborate with one person dead or alive, it would probably be Michael Jackson.

So, you’re 17 with a debut EP coming out… how did you manage creating Broken Ones amid all the normal teenage girl craziness?
Well, weirdy enough, it goes hand in hand because right now everything that happns to me at this point in my life, I write into music. Whether I write it, I interpret it, I connect with it, it just helps me—I don’t know, it’s just my way of releasing all my angst. (Laughs.) My teenage angst! Broken Ones is a great example of what a bunch of teenagers go through. I mean high school is pretty much a whole platform for being excluded or left out or being bullied, but at the same time, the song does go a lot deeper than that.

Do you have a favorite track on the EP? 
Hmmm… I like them all! (Laughs.) I will say that I did a cover of the song “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” and there’s a twist to it. So I’m looking forward to seeing everyone’s reaction to that song. I love when you hit ’em with a curve ball!

What can we expect to see from you next? Anything on deck?
I do have an album—it’s gonna be coming out next year! Workin’ on it… workin’ on it! (Laughs.) I’m really excited for that! Just writing the songs that are hopefully gonna make the cut to be on it—very therapeutic. I also have a music video coming out for Broken Ones.

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Now playing on iPod: A lot of Death Cab for Cutie… definitely The Stones. Scrubs soundtrack! (Laughs.) They’ve got a lot of great music. Oh, and a lot of Sam Smith.
Dream destination: London… I’m already making retirement plans.
Favorite emoji: The one with the sleeping Z’s coming out of its mouth. That is the cutest one! You can’t beat it!
Biggest fear: Singing one of my original songs directly to the person I wrote it about. Just picture yourself reading your diary out loud to someone and it’s totally about them. Not good.