It’s no secret… we’re totally crushing on T-Swift’s opening act, Vance Joy! We were smitten when we first heard his 2x Platinum “Riptide,” but his new release of a Taylor cover, “I Know Places,” has us head. over. heels. Even if you can’t make it to a 1989 World Tour date to see Vance’s amazing talents, we’ve got some insider info on our #mcm that you just might be interested in…

Catch the tour: May 20-Oct. 31

Get the scoop: This Aussie athlete, who goes by James Keogh when he’s not on stage, gave up a career in the Victorian Football League to pursue music.

Maybe you’ve heard: Taylor Swift was a big fan before she ever asked Vance to join her on tour. She even performed a cover of his hit single “Riptide” on BBC Radio 1 in England.

What’s in a name: Vance came up with his stage name by combining two characters’ names from an Australian book called Bliss.

Check out Vance’s cover of T-Swift’s “I Know Places!”