In case you haven’t heard, life hack guru, YouTuber and singer Sunny Keller is now an author, and her new book, Life Hacks for Kids is a must read if you’re looking for ways to simplify your life–or just make ordinary things more fun! Compiling all of her best hacks from her time on the DreamWorksTV hit show Life Hacks for Kids, Sunny’s book puts her personal spin on everyday tips and tricks, from pet hacks to boredom busters to the oh-so-necessary snack  hacks.

We caught up with Sunny recently to get the scoop on her book and to hear how she’s spending her time off camera these days. It’s safe to say that Sunny’s book is only the beginning of her new projects to come as she shifts her focus to school, filmmaking, her music and her YouTube channel. You can head to her channel now to find music covers, original short films, life hacks and more relatable content from this creative genius!

Check out our interview with Sunny Keller above, and don’t forget to order your copy of Life Hacks for Kids, available now!