We caught up with author Kody Keplinger to talk about her new book, things that inspire her, and the importance of friendship! Kody’s newest release, RUN, is her first book outside small-town Hamilton. It’s about two girls in a small southern town who meet, become best friends and run away together.



Bo Dickinson is a girl with a wild reputation, a deadbeat dad and a mama who’s not exactly sober most of the time. Everyone in town knows the Dickinsons are a bad lot, but Bo doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

Agnes Atwood has never gone on a date, never even stayed out past ten, and never broken any of her overbearing parents’ rules. Rules that are meant to protect their legally blind daughter—protect her from what, Agnes isn’t quite sure.

Despite everything, Bo and Agnes become best friends. And it’s the sort of friendship that runs truer and deeper than anything else.

So when Bo shows up in the middle of the night, with police sirens wailing in the distance, desperate to get out of town, Agnes doesn’t hesitate to take off with her. But running away and not getting caught will require stealing a car, tracking down Bo’s dad, staying ahead of the authorities, and—worst of all—confronting some ugly secrets.