These embellished earbuds are super easy to make and so cute your friends will want to steal them. And the added bonus…the wrapping keeps them from getting tied into a tangled mess.


1. Here’s what you’ll need.
◦ Headphones – either earbuds or over-the-ear phones
◦ Embroidery floss – So inexpensive at any craft store; buy a bunch! Use your school colors, your favorite colors, even make special seasonal sets like orange and black for Halloween or red, green and white for Christmas.
◦ Scissors

2. Choose a floss color and cut a length of it at least a foot long. Vary the lengths as you go to give your pattern more interest.

3. Tie the floss to the wire just under the earbud.

4. Start wrapping the floss around the wire: Hold the wire in one hand and the floss in the other. Cross the floss under and over the wire, making a pattern that looks like a 4. Take the floss up and through the triangle part of the 4. Pull the wire horizontally and the floss vertically. The knot will come to the top, just under the first knot you made to attach the floss to the wire. (example here)

5. Keep making knots, wrapping the next few around both the wire and the short end of the floss. Clip off the tail of the short floss end after wrapping it several times. After about 15 knots (or as many as you want) change floss colors. Make each color block a different length for a completely customized craft!

6. Tie on the new floss and start knotting it, being sure to cover the short ends of both the first color and the new color for the next few knots. Clip off excess ends and knot, knot, knot!

7. When you get to the spot where the two earbud wires come together and “Y” into one wire, tie off the floss, skip the junction point, then keep wrapping and knotting down the main wire. Change colors whenever you like. (Make our cool tiny stripe pattern by tying one knot at a time with three colors of floss. Repeat pattern as long as you want.)

8. Continue to the end of the wire and tie off with a sturdy double knot. Snip off excess floss and you are done.