Being the new kid is hard enough, but imagine finding yourself at a new school that’s also in a new country. Feeling “out of place” would be an understatement! Nickelodeon’s newest series, Ride, follows the story of an American teenager, Kit Bridges, played by Kendra Leigh Timmins, as she navigates her way through The Covington Academy, an equestrian boarding school in England. Kendra found a little time between takes to chat with us about filming the show, overcoming fears, and life with her costars—the horses (of course)!

Justine Magazine: How is your character, Kit, alike and different from you?

Kendra Leigh Timmins: Kit is a lot like me! We both have quirky personalities. She’s a little bit different; she’s very outgoing and she has a lot of energy, which are qualities I definitely think she and I share. The way that I’m different from Kit is that she is pretty fearless. Kit doesn’t really like to play by the rules, whereas I’m a little bit more careful and I don’t necessarily think rules are so bad.

JM: Your character attends a prestigious boarding school in the show. Is that something you would ever want to do in real life?

KLT: I always wanted to go to boarding school when I was little. It was one of my favorite things to play pretend with my sister! We would make believe that we were away at school and there were no parents around so we could get away with things and sneak around on the grounds after hours. Filming the show made me feel like I was getting to live my dream, even though we were only pretending to be at a boarding school. I can imagine why it would be a lot of fun!

JM: Had you ever ridden horses before filming Ride?

KLT: Yes! I actually went to a horseback riding summer camp when I was younger. It made me love riding so much! For the most part, I was already pretty comfortable around the horses, except for the fact that we learn the Western style of horseback riding in Canada, where I grew up, and when I got on set in the UK, we use the English style. It’s different, so there was a bit of a learning curve.

JM: What is it like to ride horses on set? Is that difficult?

KLT: It is! There are a lot of technical things involved when you’re riding on set. If you’re just going out for a ride you can go wherever you want, but when you’re on set you have to be in a specific spot at a specific time. It takes a little patience. You spend a lot of the time adjusting the horse and just backing up a couple of inches.

JM: What has been your favorite scene of Ride to film?

KLT: I’ve really enjoyed filming so much of the show, but the first scene of Ride was pretty incredible. We got to drive in a car up to the school and see it for the first time. That’s also the scene where Kit meets TK, the horse, for first time. That moment was really special to film!

JM: In the show, your character must face her fear of riding horses. Do you have any advice for girls who might have trouble overcoming their fears?

KLT: I’ve actually learned a lot about overcoming fears by playing Kit. I think some of the best advice she was given is to take baby steps. Take it one day at a time, look for lots of support from your family and friends. And then at a certain point, you just have to dive in. You just have to go for it!