Award winning singer and songwriter, Jessie J, checks out a preview of her new song on, on Thursday, August 10, 2017, in Los Angeles, Calif. She partnered with M&M’s to inspire and excite fans to create their own bite-size beats and get a first taste of her new song, “Real Deal.” Photo Credit: Michael Simon


You know her from her hit singles “Price Tag” and “Bang Bang”, but with this new album, Jessie J is getting real and focusing on her true self! Recently, the British musical starlet paired up with M&M’s, one of the singer’s favorite sweet treats, to preview some of her new music to the world! We caught up with Jessie J to chat about her new music and what we can expect to see from her in the upcoming months!


Justine Magazine: We are so excited to hear your new song ‘Real Deal’ that you wrote for your partnership with M&M’s! Can you tell us a little about why you love them?

Jessie J: I remember eating M&M’s as a kid, and they have always been kind of part of my journey growing up. Yeah, to me it was kind of like a no brainer! I was like, ‘This could be the real deal.’

JM: So do you have a favorite color of M&M?

Jessie J: Orange!

JM: What is your favorite part of the process when it comes to getting a new album ready for release?

Jessie J: When you’re an artist it’s like you can’t live without the lyrics and the songs. There was a long time where I wasn’t inspired to write, so I didn’t. And then I had to get over it and tell myself, “I have to write, I have to get it out, I have to get back to who I was, and how I was with music before.” So, to me it’s about getting to know yourself from the inside out, and giving yourself the time and going at your own pace. It’s been a really amazing process. I do feel like a different person than who I was on my last record. I’m excited to explore my career in the headspace that I’m in right now!

JM: When people hear your new album, what message do you hope they take away from it?

Jessie J: Whatever they need! I obviously write songs kind of initially for myself. I stopped doing that for a long time, but I’ve gone back to it, and I’ve written songs that I needed for myself, but I know that other people will be able to relate to. I just want people to be able to take two things: whatever they need, and an understanding of where I’m trying to come from in my message in the album.

JM: So do you feel that your music has taken a new direction in the past few years?

Jessie J: Yeah, the new music is definitely different. I’ve written it myself! I think people will be shocked in a good way. I think the word “shocked” makes people feel nervous, but to me, it’s exciting, and it’s not what people are expecting!

JM: Is there a moment in your career you can pinpoint where you kind of felt on top of the world?

Jessie J: One that just came into my head was walking up that ramp [at the London Olympic opening ceremony]. It was definitely a moment I’ll never forget. I felt like I was the strongest woman in the world, and I could do anything! I felt like everyone was watching. And then afterwards I went home and had a cheese sandwich!

JM: What is something about you that not everyone knows?

Jessie J: I am addicted to organizing!

JM: We love your edgy personal style. Your look is so cool! What do you do to keep it unique and fresh?

Jessie J: Just trust your instincts and act on it. And don’t think that a trend is going to fit you just because it’s trendy. Just do what you feel good in and what feels right on your body.

JM: What advice do you wish you could give yourself when you were ten years younger?

Jessie J: Grow your eyebrows. Leave the tweezers alone!

JM: That’s so funny!

Jessie J: Also to understand that when people are mean to you, it’s more about them than you. It took me a long time to know that.


Be sure to check out the animated version of Jessie J on where you can create your own beat using the M&M’s characters for a chance to unlock an exclusive preview of her new song “Real Deal!”