Ready to bring some sunshine into your room this winter? Nothing looks sunnier (and more up-to-the-minute!) than a piece of bright, sleek lacquered furniture. And, with the help of Amy Howard at Home products, you can turn a piece already in your room or a flea market find into your fave accent piece.

So go ahead and choose the piece you like the most at your house and redecorate it and make a brand new one, that anyone could think so, start with small pieces and then start growing on your furniture, you can go with a small decorating things, small storage boxes, chairs, coffee tables, and even and renovate your place, start a new vibe and make it fresh and new. My roof actually recently had a leak so I hired a roof repair company, but I didn’t stop there. I decided to just completely renovate the room and the vibes I get there are so great. I got new furniture and just completely changed the layout. For any major renovations, like your roof, I do recommend hiring a professional to do it. You can take into account some different details that will help your room looks much better, you can get a bean bag that matches with the furniture. Here´s how.

What You’ll Need

• A few pieces of fine sandpaper (grit #400)

• A dust mask

• A well-ventilated area

• Amy Howard at Home Lacquer Primer

• Amy Howard at Home Lacquer Paint

What You’ll Do


Remember to wear your mask in a ventilated area.

1. Make sure your piece is clean and clear of any dust or dirt. Just simply wipe it down.

2. Although it is not required, it is recommended that you lightly sand your piece. This will ensure that your finished piece has that sleek, modern lacquered finish.

3. Using your Amy Howard at Home Lacquer Primer, hold your spray can 8-10 inches away from your piece and spray.

4. You want to make sure the primer has 2 solid coats. You should have 2 OPAQUE primer coats. This primer will fill in any ridges in your piece. This primer will also act as a “sealing agent” to ensure that colors from the original piece will not bleed through, like mahogany.

5. Once your primer coats are completely dry, you may now begin your chosen color coats. Remember, when you begin to spray your color, use your spray directions as if you were using a brush. Pretend you are gliding your paint across the surface at 8-10 inches from the surface.

6. Before you apply the color lacquer, lightly sand the primer layer to soften any edges or smooth out any rough spots. You do not have to sand it profusely, simply sand it a little bit.

7. It is recommended that you have 3-4 thin coats compared to a thick 2 coats. A lacquer finish is supposed to look sleek and solid, so you want to build up that lacquer finish. Take your time at applying your coats. It will give you a much prettier finish in the long run.

8. Do not forget to lightly sand between each layer of lacquer.

9. Once your final lacquer layer is complete and dry, go enjoy your new piece!

Click here for an instructional video!

Amy Howard at Home Lacquer Paint comes in 20 fabulous colors! For buying information go to more ideas on how to brighten your bedroom, pick up a copy of the February/March issue of Justine.