If you think finding the perfect outfit for the first day of school is stressful, imagine decorating an entire dorm room for the first day of school. You need to call in backup! That’s why we love the blog justflewthecoop.com. Written by effortlessly stylish college gal Jesse, it takes the hard work out of dorm room decor by featuring fab products and creating custom mood boards with everything you need to make your home away from home complete. Check out this mood board Jesse created just for you, Justine ladies!


“I wanted to emphasize the eclectic vibe by mixing and matching textiles and patterns that are all in the same range of hues. The end result is a room that has a collected-over-time feel to it, which makes the room fit for a true bohemian. One of my favorite pieces on the board is the fantastic photo realistic rustic wood floor mat. It is an unusual way to give any room a whole new cozy feel!” — Jesse, JustFlewTheCoop.com