haircut story

With warm weather ahead, cutting your hair seems so appealing! Here are some tips before you opt for the chop!

Know your hair’s texture: Just because you love a certain celeb’s hair doesn’t mean that style will work for your hair’s texture.
Go for the bang: Know that all bangs are not created equally and get to know your face shape before you make the move. *Tip: Long, wispy bangs work best for a square face, while shorter bangs are more flattering for a round face!
Strike a deal: Tight on cash? Search for salons that have apprentices, where you can volunteer to be a hair model for an already licensed stylist. You help the apprentice meet their hours requirement, and you get a fabulous cut for a lower rate!
Picture perfect: It’s best to have several ideas with you, so that both you and your stylist can talk through which cut will work best for your  hair. Never underestimate the power of a pic! Pinterest is a great resource for up-to-the-minute styles!
Work it: Just because you’ve gone for the super short cut doesn’t mean that you can magically roll out of bed and have perfect hair—trust us! Know that maintaining short hair takes time and will actually mean more frequent trips to the salon.