The guys of Divergent are nothing short of intimidating in the book (and soon-to-be movie), but after we caught up with them at a behind-the-scenes set visit, we learned that they are quite the opposite off screen. They’re charming and they’re hilarious, and we learned quite a bit about Divergent‘s leading men! Take a look at these facts and guess who each one is about—Theo James (Four), Ben Lloyd Hughes (Will), Christian Madsen (Al), Ansel Elgort (Caleb), Miles Teller (Peter) or Jai Courtney (Eric).

1. In his rare free time, you can find him in his California home listening to music with the window open or taking drives—just himself and the radio.

2. This person was the victim of a cruel (and pretty funny) on-set joke that left him in an awkward position with author Veronica Roth.

3. One of his greatest fears is getting torn apart by a great white shark.

4. This guy is obsessed with vintage Japanese motorcycles.

5. He was so excited upon learning that he scored the role that the first person he told was his apartment manager, yelling, “I’m gonna get my rent paid!”

6. This person has an obsession with rockclimbing and already regrets not starting the sport sooner in life.


1. Miles Teller (Peter)
2. Ben Lloyd Hughes (Will)
3. Theo James (Four)
4. Jai Courtney (Eric)
5. Christian Madsen (Al)
6. Ansel Elgort (Caleb)