We all know the oldie but goodie musical Grease, starring young Olivia Newton John and John Travolta, but the story doesn’t end there! Several years ago, the idea was born to televise a live production of the show and since then, about 600 people have worked to make it happen this coming Sunday. Grease: Live! will be a three-hour performance in front of a live TV audience. Set production started last fall, rehearsals began in November and now it’s almost time for the big day!

We recently got a backstage pass to find out how things are coming on set, and we were blown away. First of all, the scenes are performed on several different sound stages around Warner Brothers Studios, so while those of us watching from home are refilling our snacks or catching a bathroom break during commercials, the cast will be frantically rushing from set to set. It’s safe to say that we’d be gasping for air when the cameras started rolling again, but that won’t be the case for these experienced performers! In fact, they told us that the excitement far outweighs any nervousness… and we can confirm that it shows.

And did we mention that absolutely nothing has been pre-recorded? Every special effect is live, including the famous T-Bird race where the background will simply change to give the effect of racing through a busy city.

While we are so wishing that we were in the lucky live audience, all of whom will be dressed in 1950s get-ups, we’ll be more than happy to “settle” for catching it live on FOX this Sunday, 1/31, at 7 EST. Plus, Facebook will be revealing live behind-the-scenes footage and Jessie J will open the show! Call your best girls, because this is going to be one for the books.

Here’s what you should keep an eye out for on the big night…

The School

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 10.26.31 AM

Look familiar? This set is usually the Pretty Little Liars school building, but it was transformed for Grease: Live

The Gym

grease school

NBD, but DNCE and Joe Jonas will performing on this stage! 

The Diner

grease diner

Heads up—this is where Boyz II Men will turn around and grace us with their gorgeous voices!